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7 Easy Steps for Startup Sales and Marketing 2021

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I recently shared this workshop '7 Steps Marketing & Sales Strategy for Startups & Scaleups' with some exciting fast growth startup and scaleup businesses based in Brighton. Although the businesses size and growth stage were varied and the business sectors were as diverse as you could get from Saas to board games! The principles of these 7 steps still apply....

A few of the highlights here........

Always start with shaping your business story and challenge yourself to define and test out your elevator pitch - it helps you focus on the core of the business and your USP.

If you're in that early stage of growth - create and nurture a customer collective who can be your honest eyes and ears on your product development - as well as a valued group of customers! Treat them well with exclusive insights, promotions and product benefits.

Be disciplined about objectives, otherwise known as KPIs or OKRs. These are where your objectives and measurements meet - giving you a super clear roadmap on growth and control on spend.

Remember the magic numbers of the cost of customer acquisition! If you spend £1 on CAC marketing, £3+ ROI achieved in the first 12 months - makes you a viable business!

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